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How does an AhhSnapShotz

“Audio Guest Book" work?

You pick up the receiver, listen to a prerecoded message,

wait for the beep, and leave your well wished to the honored guests.

How do I get copies of the messagess?

Usually within 3 days of your event you will receiv

a 1 USB drive with your messages.  Additional USB drives can

can be purchased separately.

A USB drive of every picture that was snapped during your event

is available for an additional cost.



What is the standard number of hours for

renting the Audio Guest Book?

Our minimum is 3 hours however, we can provide our services

for any additional length of time or an additional cost.


Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure my guests

take full advantage of the Audio Guest Book?

Based on experience, we would suggest you let your guests know

where the Guest Book is located and that it is available to them at no cost.
  DJ make announcements are helpful.

Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes, provided that the Audio Guest Book is fully

covered from the elements (i.e., rain, wind, snow, and full sun).

A canopy is available at an

additional charge if outdoor area is not covered.

Do guests pay to leave a message?


What is included in the "basic" rental package?

Free delivery and set up within a 100-mile radius of Bakersfield.
Professional onsite attendant

Vintage phone, draped table and welcome sign.

Is there a combo Photo Booth and Audio Guest Book package?


Yes! Ask for a quote on our "Audio Guest Book" Link on web page

What is needed to reserve a Audio Guest Book?

A signed rental agreement forms with estimate, and $150 retainer fee.

When is the final payment due?

At least 2 weeks before your event.

What happens if I need to cancel the photo booth?

All cancellations made prior to event date

forfeits the $150.00 booking retainer fee except on holidays

(see attached Holiday schedule) when the booking deposit is $300.00.





We are taking measures to ensure our customers safety by implementing

safety protocols to ensure that our customers will be safe.

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